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Apr 29, 2017
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Apr 20, 2017
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Apr 19, 2017
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Bad Obsession~
Forever ago I decided I wanted to practice drawing comic panels. What I ended up doing was the choose a music video/live performance video to turn into a little comic strip and this is the result! Guns'n'Roses playing live in Tokyo 1992 was my reference. It is not 100% true to the video, I ended up using other references and the lyrics I chose were not exactly what was being said in my screen caps, etc. etc.  

Reference Video Here
Welcome to the Factory
Hey guys!
I have not been drawing much these days but I am trying to get myself to do it more. What has worked recently is practicing some more cartoony/stylized doodles. The one I have here is a from-imagination doodle of my first sim on FreeSO (because I am a loser) whose name is Johanna and she works at the Robot Factory, which is notorious for broken down machines causing exploding robots and many sim deaths lol. If you are not familiar FreeSO is a unofficial reboot of The Sims Online, where you p much play the sims 1 with a bunch of other ppl. It is still in Beta but is really fun! At the Factory you are in charge of machines that build robots, usually - depending on how many people are online - you are in control of 2 to 8 machines of which will randomly break down and require you to run to the tool shelf to get various things to fix it - and it has to be a certain combination to work. It can be chill one minute then all hell breaks loose the next lmao. 

Anyway, I have some other sketches I may post.
oh boy this kid is veryy sick today ... also i really want to do art but i just have no energy 
Wooly rhino calf 5 by Templado
look @ this new friend i just adopted
Just got a bunch of brushes for photoshop & this is gonna be fun !!
so Tuesday night the ram in my custom pc had some issues and eventually died all together so i had to order two new sticks and my pc is booting up and running again yay!! but my computer is only recognizing 8gb of ram when it should be 16gb... which is annoying but my pc is running so idc right now.
Sylvia's mother says Sylvia's busy, too busy to come to the phone
Sylvia's mother says Sylvia's trying, to start a new life of her own.
Sylvia's mother says "Sylvia's happy 
So why don't you leave her alone?"

And the operator says : "Forty cents more, for the next three minutes."
Please Mrs. Avery, I've just got to talk to her
I'll only keep her a while
Please Mrs. Avery, just want to tell her

Sylvia's mother says Sylvia's packing, she's going be leaving today.
Sylvia's mother says Sylvia's marrying, a fellow down Galveston-Way
Sylvia's mother says "Please don't say nothing...
To make her start crying and stay."

And the operator says : "Forty cents more, for the next three minutes."
Please Mrs. Avery, I've just got to talk to her
I'll only keep her a while
Please Mrs. Avery, just want to tell her

Sylvia's mother says Sylvia's hurrying,
She's catching the nine o'clock train.
Sylvia's mother says: "Take your umbrella,
Cause Sylvia it's starting to rain."
And Sylvia's mother says "Thank you for calling.
And sir won't you come back again."

And the operator says :" Forty cents more,
For the next three minutes."
Please Mrs. Avery, I've just got to talk to her
I'll only keep her a while
Please Mrs. Avery, just want to tell her

Tell her goodbye
Please, tell her goodbye
Sylvia's Mother // Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show

this is a made myself do some kind of art thing
also new year new username ! Jimmyandthesuncats -> -> rockingdaze 
Mar 13, 2017
:iconrockingdaze:rockingdaze has changed their username (formerly JimmyandtheSuncats)
tfw u wanna spontaneuously change ur username bUT you cant becasue THERE R SO MANY DEAD ACCOUNTS STEALIN NAMES
This started as a quick status but quickly moved over to a journal lol

Really bummed lately. I have got plenty of time to do some arts but just no inspiration. I kinda have been making myself finish up old pieces that I dropped a while ago but I wish I could get something new going. It actually have been like this for the last few weeks. I also doesn't help that I have an aunt, who got me to make her a big pen/ink sketch poster (I think it was like 20in x 18in or somth) for free for a disabled kids sports program fundraiser, is now pestering me to open commissions???? she is seriously so annoying. She even came into my work asking me for business cards that she can give out at the fundraiser and when I tell her I don't have any she was like "But you don't want business?" in a weird passive aggressive way and I was like "no, I am working and doing college and I just don't want to." But she keeps throwing the "oh but your so good at it!" at me as if that actually means anything? the sketch I gave her to me was very poor compared to what I probably could have done, which just shows how limited her perception of what good art is. But it gets even better! she showed up to my house this Wednesday while I was working and dropped off BUSINESS CARDS that she made FOR ME ?!? I have yet to get back to her about if I 'like them or not'... It just drives me crazy, she barely even knows me or what art I actually like making (which is mostly digital, which she doesn't even understand) but she wrote this lil blurb on the back of the card that was like a lame sales pitch about my art and then added "framing and matting available" which is really weird idk where she got that from. That part actually kinds scares me because she is crazy about opening her own business and likes finding ways of making money and I thought that was a weird way of including herself in my business (because SHE matted and framed the sketch I gave her..). It is really hard to explain her unless you know her, shes just this crazy helicopter mom (her son is like 10 and she still cuts up his food for him and even wipes is ass, hes not disabled or anything) who has nothing else to do all day except be a nutjob to everyone else. Like everyone who runs into her will tell you the same thing. My coworker breeds rabbits and she sold my aunt two lionhead babies and the next day one died because she put too much junk in it's cage (those crappy treats from the pet store, weird bedding etc.) and since this rabbit was a baby it had only gotten hay and pellets (baby rabbits are not ready for treats until at least 9 months usually,depending, let alone the ones full of chemicals and dyes from the store) and so the rabbit just got itself clogged up because it just went crazy eating and it died, despite my coworker telling her to just slowly introduce things if she really wanted to give her stuff. ANYWAY I am really ranting now lmao.... So I have a crazy watching my every move and bothering me. Oh and she keeps bringing me the sketch to change things that she decided she wants on it and stuff... and she wanted my picture with it? ugh. I made a big mistake helping her out tbh. Oh yea AND she lives across the street from me so I have no escape   :  )   

When she finally shows up to ask me abt the cards I will just be honest, and if people start contacting me abt commissions I am just gonna say no. They say it is good to get a strong NO in your vocabulary! lol.

Ok back to playing FreeSO & procrastinating doing homework...........................

Skin by SimplySilent


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